Do Psychics Need Business Licences?

Do you need a licence to become a psychic?
The psychic industry is an unusual one. Whilst it is big business (we’re talking billions of dollars just in the USA), it’s not really mainstream.
In recent years lots of folks are starting out as psychics or building up a business around fortune telling.

Like any new business, part of your due diligence should be around relevant laws, regulation and licencing.

Psychics and fortune telling is a quirky industry as regulation is different country to country and state to state.
So the answer to ‘do psychics need a licence’ is ‘it depends’!

In this article I’ll cover the requirements in the USA. As with anything that involves legislation please consult with a legal expert rather than take this as gospel.

Licencing and legislation differs greatly state to state. In some states doing fortune telling is actually a criminal offence, whereas in many it’s fine, albeit regulated.
This may involve applications, fees, background checks or even being finger-printed.

So if you’re thinking of setting up a professional psychic business it’s something to watch out for. We’ll be covering live psychic services here rather than online ones like Oranum or Kasamba.

What Licencing Is Needed For Psychics in The USA?

I said earlier ‘it depends’ and this is certainly the case here in the US. That’s because each state has its own requirements and quirks for fortune telling.

The table below is information I’ve collated from various sites. Please don’t take it as exhaustive and do your own research.
As you can see, there’s a fair few blanks. This goes to show it’s actually not easy finding info on USA psychic regulations!

StateRequirements & NotesLinks
Alabama1) Licence fee of $40. (For business licence)
2) Legislation is governed by Section 40-12-104 covering ‘fortune tellers, palmists, clairvoyants etc.’
3) Federal Tax ID needed
4) Seller’s permit needed
2006 Alabama Code
AlaskaUnable to locateProfessional licensing –
Arizona1) Licence required
2) Fee is $300 per year
Arkansas1) Regulated by local governmentFindLaw
California1) Tulare County – licence required – cost is $52 for application, $50 for licence and $4 for fee.
2) City OF Freemont – Permit required. Cost is $30 for new permit, $30 for annual renewal, $113 for background check.
Also need a business tax certificate. For new locations you’ll need City Planning/Zoning approval.
3) Beaumont – Permit required. Chief pf Police approves/
4) Lafayette – Permit required. $100 application fee.
5) Los Angeles – unclear
6) San Francisco – Permit required
CodePublishing – Tulare County
Tulare County – Application Form
City Of Freemont
Los Angeles
San Francisco
ColoradoUnable to locateN/A
ConnecticutNo law or regulation appliesDepartment of Consumer Protection
DelawareCan’t locate specifics on psychicsDelaware Revenue Dept (general business points)
Florida1) Permit required
2) $1500 deposit needed
3) Permit fee payable (c$100)
Municode – FL
GeorgiaUnable to locate at State level. Atlanta required a business licence ($75+$50)City Of Atlanta
HawaiiUnable to locateN/A
IdahoUnable to locateState & Federal Resources For Business (general)
Illinois1) Licence required
2) Fee differs area to area.
IndianaUnable to locateN/A
Iowa1) Unable to locate at State level
2) Permit required in Mason City
Mason City
KansasUnable to locateN/A
Kentucky1) Versailles – permit required. $100
2) Unable to locate state level rules
Louisiana1) Kenner – permit required, $75
2) Unable to locate state level rules
MaineUnable to locateN/A
Maryland1) Annapolis – permit required, $50
2) Wicomico County – permit required, $1000
3) Calvert County =- permite required, $1000
4) Unable to locate state level rules
Calvert County
Massachusetts1) Cambridge – permit required, $175+$50
2) State level – permit/licence needed. Governed by two case laws.
3) Salem – caps the number of psychics allowed
State Level
Michigan1) Was illegal until 1993
2) No licence required
MinnesotaUnable to confirmN/A
MississippiUnable to confirmN/A
Missouri1) Licence requiredMissouri
Montana1) Permit requiredFreemont
NebraskaUnable to confirmN/A
Nevada1) I think this is regulated by the ‘psychics art regulated business’ regulationsExample: Clark County
New HampshireUnable to confirmN/A
New Jersey1) Unable to confirm at state level
2) Licence needed in Long Beach, $250
Long Beach
New MexicoUnable to confirmN/A
New York1) Not legalNY Courts
North Carolina1) Was illegal until 1999
2) Unable to confirm current situation
Anti Divination Law
North DakotaUnable to confirmN/A
OhioUnable to confirm
Oklahoma1) Not legalJustia
Oregon1) Not legalAMLegal
Pennsylvania1) Not legalInquirer
Rhode Island1) Licence required
2) Fee varies
Example: Middletown
South Carolina1) Licence requiredSC State House
South Dakota1) Licence required
2) Fee varies
Example: Sioux Falls
Tennessee1) Illegal to advertise in Knoxville
2) Unable to confirm at state level
Texas1) Licence requiredState
UtahUnable to confirmN/A
Vermont1) Licence requiredBurlington Free Press
Virginia1) Licence required
2) Fee varies
Virginia Law
Washington1) Licence required
2) Fee varies
Courthouse News
West Virginia1) Licence required
2) Fee varies
Example: Paden City
WisconsinUnable to confirmN/A
Wyoming1) Not legalAMLegal


Laws and regulations governing psychics and fortune telling in the USA are sporadic and inconsistent.
it’s vital you check the legal status of fortune telling in your state before you start your business.

You also need to find out what licences/permits you need, and what the requirements are for them.

Failing to do so could mean you can’t operate, pay a fine or even risk prison time.